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Echo sounder Toslon TF-520

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Echo sounder for the Toslon TF 520 bait boat:

One of the best color echo sounders for carp boats is Toslon TF520, which will help the fisherman find the right promising place to dump gear and feed. It is installed on bait boats for the purpose of detailed scanning of the reservoir. The sensor is built into the hull of the boats using a special attachment. Toslon TF520 has a color transflective display with a TFT matrix, a resolution of 480 * 272 and the ability to transmit a signal at a distance of up to 300m. The Toslon TF520 echo sounder is capable of displaying the following information on the display: bottom relief, bottom type, fish, as well as recognizing the depth to the bottom or fish. When a fish is detected, the echo sounder will sound an alert, as well as display its size and depth of location.

This echo sounder model has improved signal stability, as well as protection against interference. You will no longer worry about a dead battery! The sensor with the converter is installed on the bait boat, and the display unit is installed on the remote control.

Toslon TF 520 Features:

  • Color display with TFT matrix;
  • Wireless sensor with a wide beam angle of 60°;
  • Minimum scanning depth from 0.8 m;
  • Maximum depth up to 30 m;
  • IPX 7 waterproof housing;
  • Range up to 300m;
  • Sound notification of fish and shallow water;
  • Operating temperature from -20 to 70 degrees;
  • The unit is powered by a lithium 12V battery;
  • Sensor power from the boat or autonomous;
  • Displaying the size of the fish and its depth;
  • Detailed display of the bottom relief;
  • 1 year warranty!
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