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GPS Navigation Camarad L1 with autopilot - first generation

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GPS Navigation with the first generation Camarad autopilot. It has a lower GPS data processing rate in comparison with the the second-generation autopilot!

GPS Navigation with autopilot Camarad for a carp ship (boat to explore the bait) with a GPS and a compass allow efficient work with a fishing boat, saving time for labeling and automatic transportation of tackle and bait to the point of catching.

To connect GPS navigation with autopilot to a carp ship you need to have:

  • Flysky FS-I6 or FS-i6X remote control
  • Receiver Flysky FS-IA6B or FS-IA10B

Complete set GPS navigation with Camarad autopilot for carp ship:

  • Control board
  • GPS receiver

GPS navigation with autopilot works both on 1-engine and on 2-motor ships!!

Basic GPS Navigation Functions with Autopilot Camarad


  • Automatic following to the saved point of fishing with the subsequent discharge of the carp boiled bunker.
  • GPS Navigation with autopilot remembers 1 homepoint and 9 dots catching.
  • GPS Navigation with Autopilot Camarad automatically returns a boat to a homepoint after the task is fulfilled
  • GPS Navigation with Autopilot Camarad has a reservoir memorization feature with a subsequent automatic recovery of dot points when visiting the reservoir.


Function to the point

  1. Automatic follow-up mode to the point at full speed with dumping bait at the point.
  2. Automatic follow-up mode to the point at full speed without resetting bait
  3. Automatic follow-up mode to point at low speed with bait reset at point
  4. Automatic follow-up mode to point at low speed without resetting bait
  5. Automatic follow mode to 2 (two) points at full speed with separate relief of bait in each point
  6. The automatic track mode to 2 (two) points at low speed with separate relief of bait into each point.
  7. Automatic light indication of reset for each bunker  - available individually



  • Telemetry displays the following information on the display: Battery voltage, autopilot mode, number of the selected point, distance to the specified point in the mode of conjugation and from the base in manual mode, GPS coordinates of the ship and much more.
  • Built-in voltmeter to determine the discharge of the battery boat
  • Ship lighting control, including switching on / off overall lights, main light, shout discharge display
  • Navigation management is performed by using a modern, powerful 32-bit Cortex family processor, 9 axial sensor comprising a magnetometer, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a modern GPS receiver of the Ublox company.
  • The algorithm is applied to the achievement of a given point allowing the most closely automatically zero, reed and so on (the boat goes a little away from the point and approaching the point performs an approach to the point. The boat reaches a given point in the point in parallel to the point, which allows you to minimize the departure
  • Applied algorithm for reverse waste. When returning to the base point, the boat first makes a small loop that allows you to follow the path of the maximum approximate point


Built-in protection and precautions:


  • Prohibition of sending a boat to a distance of a distance than 500 meters - with a range of more than 500, an incorrect point is most likely selected, for example from another reservoir.
  • Protecting the operation of electronics based on controlling distance reduction to the point. If, while driving to a point or home, the autopilot will see that the distance to the assigned point does not decrease within 3 seconds, the automation will turn off the operation of the motor and the steering gear. This will be useful in the case when the boat for example was superior to some obstacle.


Possible autopilot settings:

  • The minimum speed in which the azimuth of the movement on satellites is expected
  • Maximum speed of rapid delivery and return ship
  • Maximum delivery speed in tackle mode
  • Maximum speed with a short approach to the target (when the distance to the point is shortened, the boat reduces the speed and moves to it at low speed)
  • Distance at which the speed is reduced when entering the point
  • Maximum rotation level in autopilot mode
  • Curve index of steering coefficients
  • The coefficient of increasing the level of the steering wheel when approaching the point of delivery (when approaching point, the speed will be reduced, it is possible to increase the sensitivity of the steering wheel)
  • The coefficient of increasing speed with a decrease in the degree of deviation from the point
  • Speeding rate from the point of delivery for a safe distance
  • Detachment time for safe distance
  • Pause before going to the homepoint
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