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Camarad SpeeD Solo mini

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We present to your attention the bait ship Camarad Speed ​​Solo Mini - a reduced version of a one-bedroom boat to explore the Camarad Speed ​​Solo bait.

This is a compact and fast radio-controlled boat at a speed of up to 3.5 m / s, quite compact sizes - 65x28x22 cm, but a roomy compartment for the delivery of bait and carp gears (volume of 900 g). At the same time, the wide bunker allows you to upload large balls from bait.

The presence of the reverse will allow you to maneuver the ship among Korjig and the root.

You will undoubtedly rate the small weight of the ship for carp fishing - it's only 3 kg (with a battery). Uploading bait and gear passes on the principle of "dump truck". When reset, the ship signals the LEDs on the housing. Thanks to the six-channel control panel by 2.4 GHz, the bait boat can be controlled at a distance of up to 500 meters, and a powerful lithium battery with a capacity of 20,000 MA / H is enough for a long time using the Camarad boat. Even if you go for long-term fishing and the fishing boat of Kamarad will use your comrades and discard it - a charger is a charger from the car battery (you will not stay without a reliable assistant). On the bait ship "Camarad" there are all the necessary protection blocks (the ship will not stop in the midst of a water-planned battery, warning the owner in advance by the audio signal and reduce the speed, giving it to understand that it is time to charge). And in the case of loss of communication with the control panel - it will work such a wonderful function - the auto return on the homepoint by GPS.

Auto return will return the boat for bait to the homepoint in three cases:

1) When you turn on the bus route button on the remote control.

2) When the console is turned off.

3) when loss of communication with a remote control at a high distance.

Separately, it is worth saying about the protection of stainless steel screw, which is made on a high-precision Laser CNC laser. It will protect the screw from the winding of the fishing line and algae. Brushless Motor (Brushless Motor) is installed on the carp ship "Camarad Speed ​​Solo Mini". The bottom of the carp ship "Camarad" is made of shockproof ABS plastic with a thickness of 3 mm factory execution. The boat has a bright color (radio-controlled cater for fishing "Camarad" can be seen from a long distance). All components of imported production, well-known manufacturers such as Turnigy.

With the help of the rangefinder, you will see the remote control on the control panel.

Size boats: 65x28x22 cm
Engine's type: Brushless motor
Battery: Li 20 000 mA/h
Maximum speed: up to 3.5 m / s
Boat weight with battery: 3 kg
Number of boat bunkers: 1
Groundbait weight: 1 liters
Number of screws: 1
The presence of a smooth reset: No
Charge indication on the remote control: Yes
Condition boat: New
Guarantee: 12 months
Distance traveled: up to 11 km
Auto return: Yes
Rangefinder: Yes
Depth gauge: No
Echo sounder: No
GPS navigation with autopilot: No

- Ship

- Remote Control

- Battery

- Charger 12/220 Volt

- Stand

- Instruction

GPS, Autopilots (the price includes the cost of installation)


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